X-Wing Alliance

The last and arguably ultimate Star Wars space combat simulator. Although it was released in 1999, several mods are available that freshen up the appearance while retaining the surprisingly deep gameplay.

High Definition (1080p, 60fps) Gameplay Videos

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance New Shading System

This video compares an out-of-the-box installation of XWA to one with the XWAUP 1.6, Blue Max's Effects 1.1.3, Super Backdrops v2.1, and more!

(This supersedes the old Reshade shader mod used in the older videos below.)

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Battlefront II Style

(Roughly) recreating the Starfighter Assault on Fondor from the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta in X-Wing Alliance, using the old Reshader mod.

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Shader Mod Preview

This video includes several clips demonstrating the old Reshade shader mod.

(More gameplay videos yet to come...)

New Shading System Upgrade

Visit https://xwaupgrade.com/ to download the upgrades!

Recommended Installations from
XWA Upgrade

Effects by Blue Max's Version 1.1.3
XWAU Craft Pack 1.6 
 Rebel Dynamic Cockpits Version 2.0
 Tie Fighter Dynamic Cockpits Version 1.0
 Super Backdrops Version 2.1
 Crew Quarters Upgrade Version 1.0
Victory I-class Star Destroyer

[OLD] Reshade Instructions

The below instructions are left for reference, but are no longer needed once installing Blue Max's Effects from X-Wing Alliance Upgrade.

[OLD] Instructions + Configuration File Pack

This file contains the ReShade *.ini configuration file and a custom LUT ("Look Up Table") needed to achieve the correct "shader mod" effect.

Instructions are freely provided below, from one enthusiast to another. However, follow them at your own risk. Many game files will be modified in the process, so do not proceed unless you understand what you are doing!

Make sure to backup your installation before installing! These instructions were developed with an original CD version of X-Wing Alliance. They may or may not work for the Steam/GOG versions.

Download Shader Config Files...
Shader mod comparison

Step #1:
Purchase + Install "Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance"

Currently available for around $10 from Good Old Games (gog.com) or Steam. The version used by this website is the original CD release (although it is more difficult to get installed and running on 64-bit machines).

Step #2:
Download + Install the "X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Craft Pack"

The XWAU project has been upgrading the 3D models used in the X-Wing Alliance game for years. This is a link to the download page where a compilation of updated 3D models can be downloaded. Look for the "XWAU Craft Pack v1.3" (or newer).

Step #3:
Download + Install "ReShade"

ReShade is an "advanced, fully generic post-processing injector for games and video software". It allows for the impressive shader effect described on this website.

The shader configuration files provided on this website for X-Wing Alliance are designed for ReShade 3.08. Make sure to click on the correct download link!

Install ReShade following its instructions. Make sure to select "XwingAlliance.exe" as the game to apply ReShade to, NOT "Alliance.exe".

Step #4:
Download + Copy the Config Files (from the *.zip) above to the appropriate XWA folders

-> Download the *.zip file of configuration files (either above or via the button below).
-> Navigate to your XWA installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance\)
-> Then move the "XWA_FX_Settings.ini" from the downloaded config *.zip file into the XWA folder.
-> Navigate to the "reshade-shaders\Textures" subfolder in the XWA folder.
-> Make a backup copy of the "lut.png" file.
-> Overwrite the original lut.png file with the lut.png file from the downloaded *.zip configuration package.
-> Run X-Wing Alliance!
-> Select the *.ini file via ReShade (you may need to press Shift+F2).
-> Use the Pause/Break key to toggle the shaders off when in the menu system (as it flickers heavily).

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